You know your child is a wonderful and unique individual—and you want to find the best ways to bring out the strengths you love. That’s exactly what you’ll experience when you choose the diverse therapy options, programs, and support services for children from birth to age 21 at the Children’s Center for Therapy (CCT) in North Liberty and Iowa City, Iowa.

Family-Centered Care

At CCT, you and your loved ones will thrive with our family-centered approach to care. From initial evaluation through the development of a child-directed, evidence-based treatment plan, your whole family can participate in every aspect of our therapeutic process. As we build on the specific strengths of your family and your child, you’ll discover the difference we make in the everyday lives of each individual we treat. Together, we shine!

Innovative Approaches, Positive Environment

Your child’s CCT therapists stay up to date with the latest approaches in their specific disciplines—and they apply these treatment techniques in a positive, fun environment that celebrates every success. Our team members collaborate across specialties to evaluate multiple aspects of development and provide treatment that supports your child’s unique qualities.

Beyond School Services

When you work with the Children’s Center for Therapy, you’ll find that treatment plans take a different approach than what’s typically available through school services. CCT care plans are:

  • Designed from a clinical perspective
  • Approved by your child’s primary care physician
  • Treated as a medical service

The length of time each child needs therapy varies greatly and depends on factors such as age, degree of delay, and individual characteristics. You can help your child make efficient progress by assuring consistent attendance and working on goals at home.

Benefits for Your Child

Every week at CCT, your child will participate in one or two 45-to-60-minute sessions of one-on-one therapeutic treatment based on the individual care plan. During the initial evaluation, a CCT therapist will determine the number of sessions each week that best fits your child’s needs. Immediately after each session, you and the care provider can talk about the session and identify strategies to work on with your child at home.

At your request, our therapists regularly work with your child’s entire care team. Through CCT goals that target physiological and functional deficits, your child benefits from services provided by our therapists—licensed through the Iowa Board of Medical Examiners—that integrate with educational goals.

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